The Worst Customer Service Ever!

I’d like to take a moment and step away from my normal photo blog and post my terrible experience with AT&T and hope that others will read it and not make the same mistake I did and order Uverse.

I actually feel relieved paying $50 more a month for Time Warner, a company I thought had the worst customer service.  But AT&T has the absolute, hands down, worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.  Their call center is atrocious, their drivers are unprofessional, and the way they treat their BRAND NEW customers is unheard of.  I seriously thought I was being pranked.  I’m embarrassed to say I own stock in this company; which I will soon fix.

I had a window on Wednesday to do my original install from 1 to 3.  I was stoked to get faster internet for a better price and I was also tired of Time Warner’s crappy TV/On Demand menu.  I didn’t mind taking the afternoon off work to get this done.  3:30 rolls around and the tech hadn’t shown up.  I called the call center.  The first customer service rep I talked with said the driver came to my door and called my phone.  He did neither.  I live in a one bedroom apartment and only have a cell phone.  It’s not that hard to find me.

I asked her to send out another tech.  She said no one was available.  I asked to speak with her supervisor and after 20 minuets of waiting on hold, he said he could send another tech out.  The guy showed up at 5pm, checked some things and said there were problems with the outside lines and they needed an outside tech to climb the pole and replace something.  I’d have to wait until Thursday.

The tech said they’d be by in the morning to repair that and he, or someone else, would be by from 1 to 3 to finish the inside install.  Fine, I’ll take a late lunch and get this finished.  The outside tech, being the only professional in this terrible company, called me to tell me he had finished the work and everything was good.  I got home at 1pm and waited till 3:30, no calls, no knocks.  I dreaded calling the call center again but did.  The first customer service representative apologized and said there was no one available to do the install that day.

I, again, waited around 20 minutes to talk with her supervisor.  He tried to get me to take an install time on Friday.  I told him that was bullshit.  I’ve already taken two afternoons off work and I’m not losing any more money because this company is inept.  He said they could send someone out before 8pm.  I waited.  8pm came and went.  I called again, got a supervisor again.  They said they do not make appointments that late in the night and I’ll have to wait until the next day.  She also could not get a hold of the previous supervisor to ask him about the 8pm appointment.

I asked to cancel my entire service, but they can’t do that.  I’d have to call the customer service line and talk to someone at AT&T, not at the call center to do that.  They open at 8 in the morning.  Called just now and cancelled.

What I can’t believe:

-They managed to waste two of my work days with no calls to me to tell me they weren’t showing up.

-Their India based call center has no control and probably uses the same online scheduling tool AT&T customers use to set up appointments on line.  -Nobody cared except the guy who took my cancellation that the service was so unprofessional that I cancelled before I even got to try Uverse.


How does a company stay afloat when they treat their customers like this?

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