Bold Move Delta, Bold Move…

So, you want to know how my delayed flight was? First off, I was a little confused on why it was delayed.  They said it was due to weather in San Francisco, fog actually, from one of the earlier flights, which then set off a chain reaction of delays culminating in my flight leaving the gate at about the time I was supposed to land in San Francisco.  I’m confused because I landed through a thunder storm, in a smaller plane, in Butte, a week before.  I should blame myself.  It’s my travel karma.  The one time I really want to get somewhere, and I only had 13 hours before I had to be back on a flight to LA, I WILL be delayed.

An interesting fact, LAX has 4 runways.  It took us 30 minutes of taxiing.  I actually thought we were driving to Northern California.  Apparently the one we were assigned to was in Malibu.  “Hey, this flights already late.  Instead of screwing any other flights up, let’s just keep delaying this one.”  After we reached the runway, at the #1 spot, the captain came on the loud speaker and told us it would be another 5 minutes.  So, I dug my head into the window well and watched as we let 4 more planes taxi by us and take off.  Way to go Delta.

This all wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t so afraid of CREATING A TIME PARADOX!  Now, this is not a joke.  The late 40’s something gentleman who sat in the seat directly to my immediate left could have, with the slightest eye contact, collapsed the space-time continuum!  I had my head buried as he threw his sporty back pack under the seat in front of him.  That’s what I noticed first.  That looks a lot like mine.  Nothing too strange…he’s got style.  

For those who know me, I enjoy a good pair of jeans, preferably Japanese.  Now his were not raw denim, but boot cut faded, as were mine at the time.  Huh, this guy could be the future me, as I laugh it off in my head, he says while still taxiing, “What are we driving there?” *BOOM* Head explodes…not really, but I finally take a glance over, very careful not to make eye contact.  He’s got a similar tapered t-shirt on with a v-neck, and the same style of hair.  Fuck! It’s me. Don’t make eye contact, don’t ask him about your future…that’s a nice watch though…way to go Bryan!

I mumbled some half-wit remark, a little perturbed that future me beat me to my own joke.  We finally get in the air and he orders a ginger ale before me.  I almost ordered a coke just to spite him, erm…me, but couldn’t.  I’m on a plane; I drink ginger ale.  I replaced my headphones, anxious to get to San Francisco.  Future me finishes his/my drink and puts up his tray table and pulls out his Kindle.  At this point I don’t think I was even listening to anything.  I was so engrossed in what I was doing next to me.  Being the nosy Nancy that I am, I begin to read his book.  Wow, this sounds familiar.  Then he got to the next chapter.  That’s funny, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” used dates as chapter titlesss…OMFG he’s three chapters behind me in the book I’m currently reading on my Kindle!!! 

I’m still here.  Maybe Doc Brown was wrong.  It was tempting to ask him about my future, but I opted to play it safe and pretended to sleep for the rest of the flight…Maybe Delta is using a time machine to kill of it’s disgruntled passengers.  I’m going to look into this.


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