Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign


This was outside Sensō-ji in October.  I miss Japan so much.

16 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. It’s a paradox to see an Asian picture for a foreign theme as those countries welcom the highest number of human people 🙂
    But it works for me!
    The picture is very nice… Is it an Instagram one ?


    • I agree! At times I wish the Asian culture were more common to me, but this trip was definitely a dream and a step out of the world I know. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my 5D at the time, so this was from a canon point and shoot. I did some work in post on them to make them feel hyper-realistic, because that’s what my time there felt like. You just gave me another blog topic! Thank you!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to get back there and focus more on photography and less on drinking…okay I’ll still drink a bit. Some day!

      • Yeah. Right after the tsunami, I really wanted to go abck and volunteer, but organizations weren’t recruiting anyone but experts because of radiation. I hope to go spend a year there teaching English in the next five 5 years. We’ll see!

      • Yes, go teach there! I have a few friends that do and they said they’d only teach for a year or two. I think it’s gong on 10 years now and they love it. I wish I’d chosen that path :o)

  2. Wow, this is so cool. I’m planning on going to Osaka in January. Anything you would recommend as a must do? I don’t like doing package tours, I like to do my own thing and see things that are not on the brochures.

    • I’m jealous! I really want to get the train pass next time and travel the country more. I didn’t get to Osaka, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. I got the lonely planet guide to Japan, they have a lot of, “Off the beaten path,” and non-touristy things. I was lucky enough to have my best friend, who grew up there, show me around. But my favorite things were just kind of wandering where even he had never gone.

      I’m going to do a blog entry on my Japan trip, once I get back from Vegas this weekend. I’ll put up pics of the stuff we found. We got off a train in one district and they were having a festival and we just hung out there for a few hours and found restaurants off these little side streets that were better than any of the main ones the guide books tell you to go to. You’ll have an amazing time no matter what.

    • Lonely Planet is an absolute must. I buy one everytime I travel and it’s so useful! It gives great info about festivals and holiday, which you should check since you are going in january. I lived around Osaka for six months and totally loved it. I highly recommend visiting Kyoto (at least one day) and walking around the imperial grounds, Gyon, and the Kyomizu-dera temple. I loved Sweets Paradise, an all you can eat desert bar. Nara is a bit further but also great! But Kyoto is my favorite place in Japan.

      If you can, check out Kobe, sample world famous Kobe beef (for lunch, cheaper), and if you can find that jamaican resto, the jerk chicken is outta this world. Japan has great weird museums, like the plastic food and the ramen food museum around Yokohama, and there are many around Osaka. I didn’t visit Osaka castle but walked around the park, which was great. You will find info in lonely planet about a temple in Osaka where, once a month, you can buy vintage kimonos for a great price. 😀

      As Bryan said, the best thing is to wander around, waste time in a manga café (leather sofas, all you can read manga, video games and good food, sample all the food in street stands, and so on. Don’t hesitate to try ramen and udon noodles in small restos, and don’t miss out on the delish okunomiyake! Osaka’s specialty is takoyaki (octopus). If you want to get a good bento for cheap, head to 7/11, my favorite combini store in Japan. And the hiakuhen store (dollar store) is a great place for awesome but cheap presents (notebooks, pencils, candy and hello kitty stuff).

      If you can, go to an onsen, it’s an essential part of a japanese experience. Personnaly, I loved visiting temples. You might want to go to a maid café, most are in Tokyo but you can find some in Osaka.

      Are you interested in something in particular around Osaka? Anyway, I miss Osaka a lot so I’d be happy to tell you more about it if you have questions! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip!

      • Yay, thank you! I think I will get a lonely planet then. And I want a vintage kimono, yes please! I have to hand in a detailed itinerary to receive my visa, so all of this is very helpful, thank you.

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