Street Art

Street art in LA confuses me.  Sometimes it’s cool, like when we get a Banksy next to the gas station down the street from me, or when someone spends time on a creative poster or mural, and sometimes we get this.  I’ve always liked this photo, mainly because of the contrast of the lighting and the detail on the rusting electrical box.  The content still confuses me.

This is how I read this: “Another world is possible.  A world full of weapons, no government and incest.”  Now, this sounds like a great plot line for a post apocalyptic video game.  In the real world it just seems like the warped, convoluted mental diarrhea of a, “Struggling artist,” hipster.  No, I’m not stupid, I know INSEY3T is the name of the artist, not something he’s promoting.  Still, incest as a pseudonym?  I think you lose most of your market there.

*Note: I’ve since done some more research on this artist and the left side of the piece seems to be his signature, the message being another world is possible, which I like.  In a gallery I’d be able to tell that’s his style, but as the piece stands, by itself, it’s confusing.

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