The Hyatt Regency, Maui

My girlfriend did a ton of research while planning our trip to Maui.  We were looking for a good mix of activities and relaxation.  The Hyatt Regency was the perfect choice.  I was a little bummed on arrival that the expansive, picturesque white sand beaches I had in my mind did not extend as far down the coast to our hotel.  The beach at the property is a little stubby and rocky at some places.

It turned out, we didn’t miss it at all, and if we did, all we had to do was walk up the strand about a hundred yards; full beach, volleyball courts etc…  Being the last hotel on the beach was actually very nice.  After walking past/through all the other hotel’s pools and lounging areas you could tell they got a lot of foot traffic.  No one cared to travel as far down to the Hyatt, unless it was for the restaurants in the evening.

Our room wasn’t available when we arrived, but we were early.  They offered an available room but the woman at the front desk suggested we wait because the view from our original room would be better.  More of a hassle for them, storing our luggage, following up on the progress of the room, then calling us, but they didn’t mind.  I liked that.

We went down to the main pool deck, I turned on my radar and found the bar.  I quickly ordered a Mai Tai and began to relax.  You don’t unwind as fast as you’d like, but I couldn’t complain.  The Bartenders here are all friendly, actually that goes for the entire staff, except for one room service kid who always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, and a grumpy towel receiver, who assumed we were supposed to know what side of the counter to hand in our soggy towels.    From the car service guys, to the restaurant staffs, to the activities people, they were all friendly and great at what they did.  I always have this fear that hotel employees are always nice to your face, then off the clock they hate your guts, like when that server punches Jason Segel‘s character in the face on the beach in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It’s actually been a fear since way before that movie came out, but I have no clue why.  Nothing like that here.

Photo By Joelle Pittman

We enjoyed our days on the hotel property in the cabanas and on the loungers by the pool.  If you’re a couple I definitely recommend getting a cabana for at least once day.   They aren’t that expensive and they guarantee you’ve got a place to lay out if you’re dragging in the morning.  We never had trouble finding loungers on other days, but the good ones get taken early.

The pools are basically a smaller kids pool with toys and plastic dolphins(Which they wouldn’t let me go on), and a bigger kids pool with a basketball hoop, connected by a grotto with a bar, also full of kids.  They do have a pretty awesome slide, which they did let me on, but not without glances from the lifeguard.  I like to think it was due to my chiseled physique, but it probably had more to do with me being twice the size of all the other riders.  The basketball side, I guess, would be geared more towards adults.  It’s bigger.  They hold scuba and water aerobics classes.  No matter where you went you were likely to get splashed by kids.  If I were looking for a total adult vacation it may have bothered me, but not in this case.  The grotto was a nice way to get out of the sun and still be in the water.  The TV in there would always have surfing on, or Olympic trials.

The rooms are fantastic.  We had an ocean view room and I wouldn’t ask for anything else, even though the views towards the golf course and the center of the island are pretty spectacular.  We had a balcony where we had room service bring up breakfast.  The birds knew it was laid out before we did. Evidence: the beak mark in our pad of butter.  The breakfasts were great and I can see now why the birds didn’t leave us alone.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but we spent our first dinner at Son’z, one of the restaurants in the Hyatt.  It was a perfect way to start our trip.  We had the best table looking right out at the black swans swimming around.  You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  I had the pink snapper crusted with macadamia nuts.

The other big restaurant they have here is Japengo.  It’s their sushi bar.  We ended up there a few nights.  They have a great view of the sunset if you can get a table in the back.  The food is great but a little pricey for sushi and that’s saying a lot because I’m a big LA sushi buff.  In the end it didn’t matter.  We’re foodies and expect to spend most of our vacation money at the table.

The spa at the hotel is amazing.  I had two of the best massages I’ve ever had there.  I recommend stopping by for at least one deep tissue massage, and get there early to use the steam room(Caution: It’s intense!).

There is so much to do 0n Maui, a week wasn’t even close to enough time.  We will definitely be going back and I can easily see us at the Hyatt again.

We didn’t want to leave

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Racing off the Hyatt Beach

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